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EmFit Challenge - Travel Edition! Get access to all 21 Videos and Resources upon purchasing!

We all know how hard it is to just stay on track when we travel. The workouts aren't quite as good, our lower back starts to hurt, we get cranky, and we CRAVE bad food. Trust me, I get it. Traveling is a huge piece of my life and I truly feel that I have found the ways to just make it healthier.

Including Em Approved items to over 20 menus to restaurants and places you love, with a focus in my videos on MOVEMENT, MENTALITY, and FOOD, this not-as-strict Challenge is going to be such a fun way to give you my favorite travel hacks all in one place! Follow through the PAST MESSAGES to see all the information!

Just for THIS Challenge we are offering a LIMITED EDITION Travel Essentials Box! Contains all of Emily's go-to product while on the road. 

Not traveling any time soon? Join our original EmFit Challenge HERE. Be sure to select Version 1 or Version 2 via the dropdown menu, Version 1 if it's your first time! Meal plans, daily emails, and workouts included! 



Who is this Challenge for?

  • Those who travel a lot

  • Those who get sick on the road 

  • Those who just can't seem to get energy back in check 

  • Those with lower back pain from sitting 

  • Those who just need some little life hacks to feel GOOD 

  • Those who want some fun workouts-on-the-GO! 


What's inside the EmFit Challenge- Travel Edition? 


This special edition Challenge is a 21 Day, informational challenge to improve your health, fitness, & habits while on the road 

21 Daily Videos: focusing on three components of Movement, Food, and Mentality. 

The Meal Plan? Over 20 restaurant menus with the Em Scale and options that you can choose from to make sure you get a healthy meal wherever you go. 

We focus on eating real oils, cutting back on sugar, staying hydrated, and movement!

Access to my badass community on the website forum as well as a private Facebook Group. (NOTE: Facebook is NOT required!) 

ALL is done online through the website or the iPhone App.


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NOTE: After purchase, please read your confirmation email for more information on what to expect! Can't wait for this Challenge. (NOTE: email should be delivered within 24 hours, any issues please email support@emilyschromm.com)

This is a PAST Challenge so no point logging will be available - please be sure to go through each message :)