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Reebok Expert: Elevate Your Workouts


Ever find yourself feeling stuck in a rut with your workout routine? You’re not alone!

To perfect movements and skills, we practice them over and over. Sure, they improve with this practice, but they also grow mundane with so much repetition.

But according to personal trainer and nutritionist Emily Schromm, the solution is simpler than you think: mix things up.

“Switching up your workout routine is the key to progress,” says Schromm. She also notes that it just so happens to double as the answer to your boredom.

Schromm is not talking about forgoing your gym time in favor of long runs or a completely new fitness activity (although that’s never a bad thing); she is talking about elevating the movements you’ve already mastered after all those hours of practice.  

“Take the standard movements you’ve been doing and add a twist to them,” she says. “It will up the difficulty and present you with a fresh challenge.”


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