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Meathead Hippie Podcast #92: Neghar Fonooni



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Neghar Fonooni is a writer, intuitive coach, healer, and practicing witch from Los Angeles. Her intention is to help women identifying folks reclaim their worthines, harness their magic, and step into their power. After spending 16 years in the fitness industry as a trainer and body liberation coach, she now reads tarot for clients and coaches other healers on how to develop a brand and business that is soul centered and valuable to the collective. She’s currently writing a book titled “The Universe is Trolling you,” and in her free time can be found doing CrossFit and nurturing her over 100 houseplants. 


[5:50]  - Neghar Fonooni - Word witch


[7:35] From macros to magic 


“I think that it's been really important to show up that way and show both of those very major facets of my life to help give other women who follow me that permission, right? That permission to be like I can be both of these things. I'm allowed to be multi-dimensional.”


[17:54] Imposter syndrome & Trusting ourselves


“We're not encouraged to like to think that we are capable and worthy because if we are then we are conceited or vain or full of ourselves, like because that is often related to egotistical behavior.”


[26:50] Comparison and Standing in Your Authenticity 


“We do have that real undeniable connection to the divine feminine that so much of this work is already within you and has been sort of overshadowed by some type of trauma perhaps, some type of like grown up bullshit that keeps you from connecting with those things cause if you think back on before you started to allow conditioned behaviors to perpetuate self-limiting narratives and negative narrative that steal from you, you probably were interested in a lot of things that are part of this work. “


[32:20] Defining witch 


“My practicing witchcraft is the levels of intuition and empathy that I have and my sensitivity to energy allows me to see what people need in order for them to expand deeper into the higher expression of themselves.”


[39:43] New moon invitation 


“You are invited to see things in a new way, in a fresh way, in a deeper way. You're invited to embark on some sort of new endeavor.. You're invited to enter into new relationships.”


[48:15] Boundaries 


“The most important thing is recognizing that even if you exert your boundaries and you communicate them, you can't manage how other people are going to respond to that.”





Jaclyn Hudson's picture

I too feel drawn to many of the things Neghar and you discussed in this podcast, though I would be hesitant to admit it. The word witch STILL makes me uncomfortable, even though I love everything it encompasses. I am one of your followers that started following you because I was a fitness lover/ personal trainer/ meathead, but I continue to follow you because I love your raw authenticity and bravery with being who you really are and telling the world about your thoughts and ideas that you know can change people's lives in the best way possible. This episode made me feel inspired to follow the magic and be less afraid. Thanks for sharing this with the world.