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Meathead Hippie Podcast #90: Nikki Eisenhauer


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Nikki Eisenhauer is an International Life Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Addiction Counselor, Meditation and Yoga teacher, HSP & Empath and Host of Emotional Badass: Where Moxie Meets Mindful, currently ranked 43rd in iTunes self-help podcasts. Nikki specializes in the recovery and restoration of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing from Childhood Trauma, Addiction, and Grief. Nikki passionately cheers for Highly Sensitive People as the secret leaders of the world through her advocacy & workshop Unleash the Super Powers of High Sensitivity. Nikki teaches resiliency and transformation as necessary life skills to break toxic patterns, learn happiness, wholeness, and find our divine purpose. As an incest, abandonment, abuse and neglect survivor herself, Nikki uses her personal story and her multi-faceted experience as a healer since 2007 to share hope and empowerment for what’s possible on the seeker’s path to wholeness and peace. To schedule a session or participate in 2019’s Guided Intuitive Soul Care: The Boundaries Course, sign up at or find her podcast at

[3:57] Introduction - Nikki Eisenhauer, therapist and Emotional Badass


[9:32] Education about emotions 

“Why is boundary setting- Why is boundary receiving when someone says no, why is that so hard? Well we don't have any muscles for that. We don't have any education for that.”


[15:30] Constant negotiation of any relationship 

“We have to learn not how just to set the boundaries with other people, we have to learn how to set some boundaries with ourselves and then be able to receive boundaries and teach people how to treat us and hey we must have boundaries as anyone, but especially as highly sensitive people, especially as empaths, and that means we're going to have limits.”


[22:36] Highly sensitive people versus empaths 

“Every empath is a highly sensitive person. Not every highly sensitive person is an empath.”


[24:40] Diving into vision as highly sensitive people

“The best word I've heard for it is prophecy, like not psychic so much thought some of us may identify that way, but prophecy.”


[27:04] Struggling as a puzzle piece in the world 

“We have to realize that oh if we want more reciprocity, we need to shape our puzzle piece to fit into other people's puzzle pieces who also want and can give reciprocity.”


[31:35] Defining an empath 

“Part of what's happening for empaths is we're feeling other people's emotions and we don't know the difference between our own and other people’s.”


[35:22] Grounding as a highly sensitive person 

“A lot of my coaching one on one with people is about getting them to a place of thinking versus overthinking, and that's very like backwards to what we want when we pay someone to work with us.”


[46:16] Practical intelligence 

“Practical intelligence is particle in nature. That is it's not knowledge for it's own sake. It's knowledge that helps you read situations correctly and get what you want or need.”


[49:30] We don’t get to choose the lessons 

“Even if I could change it, I wouldn't go back and change it and I can say that with total integrity and honesty about all the things in my history that I would not go back and change it.”


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I listened to this one this morning on my walk. Had to rewind several times just to let the wisdom sink in. Loved Nikki and Emily together!