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EmFit Get Strong: Ass & Abs


Are you ready to get that booty you have always dreamed of or the strong abs that you know you need!? 

This program is designed to help you get stronger in all the ways you need. As much as I LOVE the workouts I give you for my EmFit Challenge, they are designed to be quick and efficient. I have NINE full body programs with my EmFit Get Strong cycles for all levels, but this is a little something extra for your ASS and ABS!

THIS IS A PROGRAM THAT EVERYONE SHOULD DO. Sure, we love a good booty. And abs are pretty nice too. BUT what is NOT talked about is the importance of glutes and core when it comes to being injury free: back issues? Knee issues? Pelvic floor issues? Let's strengthen the surrounding areas and you will never feel better. 

EmFit Get Strong Ass and Abs is designed for all levels! You only need an EmPack (or dumbbells) and Rings/TRX. If you do not have those we have modifications!


What you get: 

  • 3 Workouts a Week (30-45 minutes daily)

  • 90+ Video Tutorials

  • A Private Facebook Group for my Strength Training Badasses ONLY to build a community, post videos on form, and get feedback on all your questions

  • Your own account to log results

  • Access to our support team for any questions you may have!


This is the first time we are utilizing a new program style. Most of our programs we send via a comprehensive PDF, but in preparation for my gym Platform Strength to open in Denver, we are utilizing a new online program called FITBOT. Each program is easy to access, read, and see, but you must log-in to a separate account. 


NOTE: Once you purchase the program be sure to login to your account and read more about what you are getting! And keep your eyes peeled for an email from FitBot to start your program!!


If you need more guidance or have ANY questions please email us!!