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Meathead Hippie Podcast #58 with Melanie Ann Layer on Business Coaching for the Woman Who Wants it All


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“If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re setting a standard that you don’t need to be taken care of.”


Content Summary:

3:00 Em’s Alaska Trip

  • Five days of disconnection while living on a boat

  • Creating for the simple purpose of fulfilling your soul

18:25 Melanie’s Background

  • Meeting Dr. Rachel through Tony Robbins’ business mastery program

  • How unexpected events in life are planted there for a purpose

24:00 Finding Your Life’s Work

  • “I had to lose everything before I understood who I was.”

  • A series of Divine intervention moments guided Melanie to learn how to take responsibility for her life

32:00 Breaking the Cycle in Poor Relationships

  • Men and women have different hormones that create us to act in different ways

  • Melanie made it her life mission to never be in a committed relationship again until she can fully understand them

38:00 Being The Person You Want To Be With

  • Asking yourself, “Who is my significant other wishing for?”

  • “Before you ever meet the man you have on your list, make sure you are the woman on his.”

42:00 Ways To Balance Your Testosterone-Driven Brain

  • How to create long-term joy through your mindset, your business and your relationship

  • The trifecta of being a boss, badass and a goddess by understanding each of their specific roles

50:00 Being Out of Your Emotional Alignment

  • How to stop being afraid of getting emotional and being uncomfortable with conflict

  • Why we must not hold ourselves back in fear that we will fail

53:00 Tapping Into Your Goddess

  • “You cannot run a successful business if you do not have your goddess under control.”

  • Bring into alignment the Law of Attraction: You attract what is vibrationally aligned with what you are

62:00 Increasing Abundance and Shifting Perspectives

  • Going from being fearful of pain to feeling empowered to take on the task

  • “My ability to tolerate pain is what actually dictates my success.”

66:00 Melanie’s Empowering Programs

  • Programs on mastering the trifecta of boss, badass and goddess while achieving a limitless life of freedom, passion, love and abundance

70:00 Spirit Animal

73:00 Homosexual Relationships: Are Things the Same?

  • No matter the type of the relationship - The three parts of being a boss, badass, and goddess are still the same

  • “It does not matter what you’re makeup is, we are women before all else.”



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