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I am a full time trainer and coach and a current CrossFit competitor who couldn’t be more excited to spread the love of a healthy lifestyle to the world. My theology? There is an inner superhero inside every person waiting to be unleashed, you just have to start somewhere. Using a fundamental approach in my training, you will learn the tools you need to be successful in AND out of the gym.

Superhero Challenge

Interested in a taste of paleo? Or maybe CrossFit? Or curious about my online training?

Well – here is something to satisfy that craving. Introducing the Superhero Blueprint. I am putting together a 3-week, point based challenge with DAILY video tips and emails for a better, sexier you. Lets kick this negative “I am on a diet” thing right in the ass and start getting healthier from the inside out.

Each day you will get a video tip from me that will challenge and help you on your journey.

You will log in points for the day on how you did with working out, how you did with sleep, and how you did with eating.

You will feel better, look better, and most importantly: LEARN a lot.

21 days. $21. Get started now!


Bacon and butter- two things you shouldn’t have to live without.

What is this “paleo” way of eating? It means going back to what our bodies respond best to. Each person will be different, but I don’t know one person who has taken out gluten, grains, and processed sugars out of their diet without TREMENDOUS health benefits.

When you change your fuel source from carbohydrates, good or bad, to FATS, you stable your energy throughout the day. You feel full. You think better. You function better. You lean out. Your body feels healthy again. For me, turning paleo took away my chronic stomach issues and my terrible acne. I was sold after a week of it.

Taking out grains, gluten, and sugar is so much easier said then done, and that’s where I come in. The 21-Day Superhero Challenge is designed to make you successful and educated on WHY you are taking out grains and sugar. It is not 100% paleo, meaning dairy and legumes are still allowed, but by moderating your carbohydrates depending on your goals? You better believe you will see BIG CHANGES. From the inside out. I wish this was around when I first converted to paleo!

Make sure to check out when the next one is. Don’t miss out.

Eat clean. Get strong. Love life.



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